Andalucia has great accessible trains. The high speed train is a mode of transport that is fast, safe and sustainable. Besides, the journey in itself becomes part of a unique experience. Unlike any other form of transport, the high-speed trains of Spain deliver you effortlessly into the heart of Seville, Cordoba and Malaga. Get there fast, then go slow!

Renfe, the Spanish railway company, has developed a service for travellers with support needs or disabilities. This service is called Atendo and is offered in middle and long distance trains. Renfe Atendo service offers passengers guidance, information and help with access to and transit at stations. In addition, they provide assistance for getting on and off trains. It is also available to people in a folding wheelchair travelling in a regular seat or people with reduced mobility.

The H Seat is the reserved place on the train to travel in your own wheelchair without the need of a seat. It is usually located in Business Class or Coach Class. If a train has its only H Seat in the Business Class you will pay the price of Coach Class. Let us help you booking your train tickets!


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